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5 Ways to say Good in Spanish When Talking To Other People

The word good is a very important part of the Spanish language because it can be used in multiple ways during any conversation to express a positive opinion about something that has happened, when you meet other people, and in some cases, end your conversations on a high note.

For this and many other reasons, people need to learn how to use this phrase in Spanish when they are starting to practice the language for the first time and discover how to apply it in different situations that occur on a daily basis. With the help of this phrase, you will be able to improve your Spanish skills very quickly and master the language much faster than other people that are learning Spanish from scratch.

Here are five ways you can say good in Spanish during your conversations and leave a favorable impression every time you speak with other people at your house, in the workplace, on the streets, or any other place that you often visit.

Estoy Bien – I am Good

This expression is used by people that want to say good in Spanish to express that they are doing fine and don’t have any type of problem that can affect their health or mindset at the moment. This expression is perfect in situations where people ask you questions about your well-being and are worried about something that has happened to you recently.

Apply this expression every time you have a small problem or an accident during the day, and people ask you during a conversation how you are doing or how you are feeling after what happened to you on that occasion.

Even if it is a serious problem, you can use this expression when you are talking with other people that are concerned about your safety to show them that everything is alright and that you appreciate their concern about your situation.

Here are a few examples you can use to say good in Spanish and show other people that you are okay after having a minor problem during the day.

Estoy bien, Jim.I’m doing well, Jim.
Todo está bien en el trabajo.Everything is okay at work.
Yo estoy bien, gracias a dios.I’m good, thank God.
Todo me está yendo bien, Mark.Everything is going well, Mark.
Estoy bien gracias a tu ayuda.I’m doing well thanks to your help.

Buen Trabajo – Good Job

This phrase is very useful for people that want to say good in Spanish and show a positive opinion about someone else’s work, performance, or skills that they demonstrate during any time of the day.

This phrase is great for people that occupy a position of authority and are in charge of other individuals in an organization or social group because it allows them to give praise for doing a good job and encourage them to create more positive results in the future.

You can also use this phrase if you are a friend, a parent, a leader, a manager, a boss, or anyone that wants to show their approval to the people they personally know and meet every single day.

Start using these phrases to say good in Spanish during your conversations and build more rapport with the people that you speak to in just a few seconds.

¡Buen trabajo, William!Good job, William!
Espero que hagan un buen trabajo en la oficina.I hope they do a good job at the office.
¡Hiciste un buen trabajo, Bill!You did a great job, Bill!
¡Todos hicimos un buen trabajo!We all did a great job!
¡Muy buen trabajo equipo!Really good job team!

Buenos Días – Good Day

This is one of the expressions that people use the most when they want to say good to someone they just met in the morning and greet them during the beginning of the conversation. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, an acquaintance, or a total stranger, you can use this phrase at any time of the morning to say hello to other people and get a positive response from them.

With the help of this expression, you will also be able to close your conversations when you are running late for work or have some other things that you need to take care of during the day. Because of this and many other reasons, this is one of the most important expressions you need to learn when you are practicing your Spanish with other people.

Here are the different ways you can use this expression to say good in Spanish and greet anyone you meet during the morning.

¡Buenos días, Nick!Good morning, Nick!
Que pases buenos días, John.Have a good day, John.
Buenos días a todos.Good morning everyone.
¡Espero que tengas un buen día!I hope you have a good day!
Muy buenos días.(Very) good morning. Used for emphasis

Buena Suerte – Good Luck

This phrase is used to say good in Spanish during situations where you want to encourage someone who is about to do something important or challenging over the next few days. You can implement this phrase in your conversations to express your complete support for other people and wish them success in any activity they are about to do.

We can use this in almost any situation that you encounter where your friends or family members are trying to participate in different events, and you want to cheer them on to make them feel more confident about their chances of success. This applies to anything from school tests and sports competitions to job opportunities and business projects that they want to accomplish in the long run.

Use the following examples to say good and encourage the people you know during any problem or challenge they are about to face.

¡Buena suerte, Joe!Good morning, Joe!
¡Espero que tengas muy buena suerte mañana!I hope you are lucky tomorrow!
¡Buena suerte en el trabajo!Good luck at work!
¡Que tengas buena suerte y que todo te salga bien!Good luck to you and I hope everything works out!
¡Muy buena suerte con el proyecto!Good luck with the project!

Buenas Noticias – Good News

This is one of the best expressions people can use to say good in Spanish and start a conversation with other people, especially if the other person is in a bad mood or is having a difficult day.

With the help of this expression, you will be able to approach anyone you know and attract their attention in a matter of seconds, just by using it at the start of your conversations or when you mention it after people finish talking about other topics. This expression is one of the top conversation starters you can use when you’re practicing Spanish and you’re serious about learning the language over the next few months.

Practice this expression every time you want to say good in Spanish during your conversations and want to start talking to other people with this language on a regular basis.

¡Buenas noticias Kevin!Good news Kevin!
Tengo buenas noticias.I have good news.
¿Cuáles son las buenas noticias?What’s the good news?
¡Traigo buenas noticias para todos!I have good news for everyone!
Hoy tenemos buenas noticias.We have good news today.

In Conclusion

By using all of these phrases to say good in Spanish, you will be able to develop your speaking skills in the language very quickly, and get better results when you are talking to other people at school or work, or any other place that you go to like a mall or a club.

If you are interested in learning new Spanish phrases that can be used during your conversations and allow you to become more fluent, then keep on reading the articles on our site!

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